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How To Play: Press WASD keys to travel around the battlefield Choose Left Mouse to shoot at zombies Select Right Mouse to aim at the rival.

About ZombieCraft


In ZombieCraft 2D unblocked game, you start as the only character alive. And now, your mission is to fight against hordes of monsters so you can survive and win.

It is a crazy third-person shooter. The winner is the person who can stay alive after the zombie wave. So, you should prepare for showing your abilities and remember to search for the best strategy.

Once you connect to the arena, you will face the weakest wave. Obviously, it will take you a few minutes to clear. However, the difficulty level will change when you advance.

Play ZombieCraft game you are also traveling around a massive blocky world as in Minecraft. But, it’s much more dangerous. Don’t worry! You will be equipped with plenty of unique weapons. And, you’d better learn about these tools before using them.

Your available equipment will fit specific cases. Meanwhile, you should aim at the enemy carefully to save time and improve your survivability. Shall you unlock weapons in the shortest time?

ZombieCraft pixel free to play is a game that you can access right away. It’s suitable for those who love matches containing zombies. Try to survive and own the best tool!

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