Just Idle

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How To Play: Left click to interact with characters and other functions

About Just Idle

Just Idle

Just Idle 2D is an idle action adventure game where you can beat Boss and collect attractive rewards. You can start it now to enjoy exciting battles with your warriors.

Right from the name, Just Idle unblocked tells you that this is an idle experience. That is, you do not need to do too much but can still enjoy the game. Your mission in this game is to gather and upgrade ancient heroes to fight and defeat monsters. Winning will bring you rewards including gold coins and valuable items. They are useful to upgrade your character and adapt to more challenging fights in the next levels. So, you will join the game as a leader and have the right to decide the strategy in each battle. You can define who will join the new war and what role they will play. Besides, you are also the one who decides which warriors will be upgraded and what weapons they will be equipped with. Thereby, you will be the one to decide the victory and achievement when you play Just Idle free online.

This game offers a fairly rich character system, including many different classes. Typically Warrior, Paladin, Wizard, Archer and Assassin, each with their own distinct characteristics. While Warriors are strong warriors and possess good defense, Assassins are warriors with poor health but agile and high damage. Therefore, each character class will be suitable for different positions on the battlefield. And players need to grasp that to arrange well the squad, create an advantage to conquer all opponents. Don’t miss other HTML5 free games after you finish playing Just Idle.

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