Stick Soccer 3D

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How To Play: Keep and drag the left mouse button to aim at the target Release the button to shoot the ball

About Stick Soccer 3D

Stick Soccer 3D

Stick Soccer 3D is an interesting arcade soccer game for kids and adults. To become the champion, you need to gather the highest score before you run out of time.

It’s a fun 3D playfield in which you can enjoy the challenge by yourself. Or, you are capable of inviting somebody or a friend to join the match with you.

Like the soccer match, you will have the chance to show your shooting skill along with other abilities. Besides, you are able to take part in plenty of rounds of a tournament.

More importantly, you have to collect the most score if you want to be the winner in Stick Soccer 3D 2 players. Thus, it’s essential to control your character and the ball smartly.

Aside from attacking, you must defend your side, especially, the goal. Otherwise, you cannot progress or conquer the champion cup. Are you ready to begin the first match and advance in levels?

Play Stick Soccer 3D online you can find lots of fantastic moments. It’s also one of the most exciting arcade games online that you should launch.

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