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How To Play: Interact with objects and move around the map using arrow keys, WASD or the left mouse button. Press number keys for actions.

About puts you in the shoes of an ambitious queen honey bee who must command her workers for forming a super strong army. In this Strategy game, there are many tasks for you to carry out. You will command your workers and let them build a hive, lay some eggs, forage flowers for nectar burse your brood for creating more workers, build defensive cells onto the hive and send them out into the fight to defeat other wicked wasps as well as the enemies. Because you are the queen honey bee, you must command your units wisely for a better chance of winning. Also, you have to make sure that all of those aspects mentioned above will be managed carefully. As you finish every single task, you will earn more resources to enlarge your territory. Don’t forget to develop your own smart strategies through over time and use them to outplay all enemies. Wish you luck!

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