Battle Island

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How To Play: Press WASD or Arrow keys or drag Left Mouse to move around the arena Click the left mouse button to control buttons in-game.

About Battle Island

Battle Island

Battle Island is an interesting action game that helps you turn into a monster trainer. It’s necessary to beat your rivals if you want to conquer the championship.

Battle Island unblocked is a multiplayer game field taking place in a strange and distant place. And, it’s not a simple adventure. In other words, everybody related to the match has gathered and they are ready to select the top trainer.

Meanwhile, you will be the person who leads a team of monsters. Next, you will have to battle against wild creatures in this strategy battle game. Not only that, you’ll have the chance to perform your abilities in front of many opponents.

Besides, if you win a stage in Battle Island html5, you will be able to earn money. Furthermore, don’t forget to spend the money on building up a powerful party. Your progress will allow you to grow stronger and defeat every challenger easily.

Start the Battle Island online game with a level 1 character. However, you can unlock the highest level if you successfully finish matches. Attempt to survive and create a great army!

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