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How To Play: Use WASD or Arrows to move, 1-0 to choose items, left mouse to launch them, E to collect, Shift + numbers to drop

About Dungeonz.io


Dungeonz.io is an awesome Free For All game. It is placed in the middle of a strange huge open world full of scary creatures. Explore the new adventure with multiple players and conquer every challenge as soon as possible! It will also lead you to exciting matches against mummies or vampires throughout dungeons and dark castles. Each time you win, you will create more chances to upgrade your stats and craft better equipment. Actually, collecting good weapons is a tip to dominate the leaderboard faster. Engage in Dungeonz.io you will not feel bored because you are allowed to bring some friends along with you. Generate a party with buddies to increase the survival or victory ability. Don’t worry about your progress! It will be saved when you select the continue code! So far, it is often updated. How about joining the long trip and taking over the realm? Have fun!

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