Duck Life: Space

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How To Play: Use your mouse to move them. Your mouse to training them running and arrow keys to training them swimming, flying.

About Duck Life: Space

Duck Life: Space

Duck Life: Space unblocked is a racing game with new gameplay. In this game, you will find it so addictive and then spend hours playing it.

In this Duck Life: Space, your duck loses its crown and your mission is to train them to get their crown back. You can train your duck to become more powerful by training them in flying, running, and swimming. Moreover, you training them, remember to collect the gold to buy food for your ducks. When they are powerful enough, you can send them to other planets to explore them and find their crown. At first, you can create your own duck by select the color and the eye for them. After you name them, you will start the game. For a long time, you also can call other ducks that have different abilities. They will help you so much. Now, you can play Duck Life: Space online on Web Browser.

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