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How To Play: Perform the movement using WASD. Click the left mouse button or arrow keys to fire, use keys Q/E - 1-4 for using a skill. 

About is a fascinating RPG Power-ups IO game in which you will battle against multiple other players worldwide. You guys will partake in vicious and aggressive monster battles. Before you jump into action, make sure you select a character, a class, and race then engage in a world full of enemies, side quests, with many other gameplay modes. Feel free to gather items, gold, as well as precious resources across the map then use them to improve your own character. When you are ready for the fight, jump deeper into it and use all of your strong weapons to kill everything that lies in your path. As time goes by, you can upgrade your character as well as their equipment to become stronger than ever. Don’t forget to work as a team with your comrades, you will find it much easier to defeat your enemies when team up with them. The main goal of is to bring the ultimate glory to your team.

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