Kitty Scramble

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How To Play: Match the letters to form the correct word by left clicking.

About Kitty Scramble

Kitty Scramble

Kitty Scramble puzzle game includes fun word puzzle levels. You can accompany an adorable cat and have an adventure to explore her house through colorful puzzles.

Do you hesitate with brain teaser puzzles? If not, you should play this game now and discover the series of challenges from the characters. Your job is to find the meaningful words among the randomly arranged squares. Each correct word will earn you points and when you find all the words, you win.

This word html5 game is quite easy but makes it difficult for many players. Because it’s not that simple when the challenges keep increasing in difficulty as the level progresses. At first, you can make it easy with 3 or 4-character puzzles. But then it might ask you to find the correct words with 5 or more characters.

Moreover, the puzzle theme is extremely diverse in this game. It revolves around what goes on in the life of an adorable cat. So sometimes, you will encounter puzzles about the house, water, food, and more. Sometimes you will have to find the right words that start with any letter (eg B).

Therefore, you will need good vocabulary to conquer every puzzle level here. You can see suggestions, but they are not available all the time. Just click and match the letters to form words, but only the correct words will score you points. Furthermore, the character tiles will fall, creating new connections to try.

You’ll find everything you need in Kitty Scramble unblocked. It offers many engaging word puzzle topics to test your vocabulary. The seemingly easy puzzles make you think for a long time, why is that?

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