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Cat Ninja

Instructions: Press keys A/D to move, key W to jump, key S to duck, left click to throw weapons, use ninja skill by pressing key Shift, press spacebar+keys WASD for flying. 

Cat Ninja about:

Cat Ninja

Play a fun Ninja game online called Cat Ninja and take this chance to show off your wonderful fighting abilities. This Ninja game pits you against many wicked enemies when you venture out for an adventure. You take control of the cat and try to help him vanquish all challenges standing in his way. You must take a leap over many platforms when trying to perform many actions to finish off your enemies. There are plenty of enemies trying to wipe you out, so if you don’t kill them first, you will end up getting eliminated, causing the game to come to an end and you will have to start it again from the very beginning. Be sure to always have your abilities ready so you can deal with the risks in time. In addition, make sure that you also fly over the deadly gaps, or else you will fall and meet your doom as well. Your main objective is to conquer all the levels to become a professional Cat Ninja!

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