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How To Play: Use WASD to move the character, hold the left mouse button to aim and release the mouse to shoot arrows

About Narrow.One


Narrow One free online is a very unique 3D multiplayer shooting game. You can team up with your friends and start battles to score new achievements on the leaderboards.

Welcome to the classic stronghold setting where you become a castle guard and have exciting shooting wars. Here, you will form your team and participate in a 1v1 war with the team of other players. The task of each team is to destroy the opponent and win the flag of success. Once a team captures their opponent’s flag, they win and move on to the next level of challenge. Meanwhile, the losing team will have to play again from the beginning, accumulating more experience to conquer each level. You can try a lot of different bows when you play Narrow.One unblocked for free. You just click on your favorite bow to use immediately, then move to a vantage point to shoot at your target. Controlling the bow and arrow is not too difficult, but the important thing is that you have to shoot from a great distance. So, have good control of the bow and aim accurately to make every shot effective.

This 3D multiplayer will leave you with many beautiful impressions in terms of gameplay, visuals and sound. You can play the game in first person to enjoy the classic beauty of strongholds. Besides, this perspective also brings a more realistic and vivid feeling for you to truly immerse yourself in your battle. You can record new achievements and see your team’s rank after the battle is over, whether you win or lose. Furthermore, you can unlock new and larger maps as you progress through the levels.

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