Paper Fighter 3D

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How To Play: Player 1 uses WASD keys to move, F to punch, G to launch a kick, R to begin a special attack Player 2 chooses Arrow keys to walk, L to show a punch, K to kick, and O to attack especially  

About Paper Fighter 3D

Paper Fighter 3D

Paper Fighter 3D unblocked is free for one or two players to join. You fight against all your rivals and you should beat them as soon as possible to win the match.

It is a paper game online taking place in a strange retro scene with many paper layers. In which, you are able to meet up with martial masters. Not only that, you can turn into one of them.

Additionally, there will be plenty of 1 or 2-player matches in this skill html5 game. And, they will not last for a long time. In fact, each match only has 3 rounds. If you complete 2 rounds successfully, you will be the winner.

During combat, you can utilize kicks and punches to cause damage to the opposite paperman. Further, it’s easy for you to launch special attacks if the power bar of your side is full.

Play Paper Fighter 3D online and you can invite your friend to experience the game together with you for free. Once you master how to move and show your possibilities, you will quickly conquer the competition.

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