Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze

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How To Play: Use your mouse to create a path that Jerry will follow it.

About Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze

Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze

Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze Unblocked is the next version of the Tom and Jerry games. You can enjoy your time with this basic but cute game.

Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze has the type of arcade free game. In this game, you are the Jerry and you have to run around a small map, collect the cheese as much as you can. However, it is not just that, you need to avoid Tom the cat and keep the mouse safe. Moreover, when you collect cheese enough to build a big one, another door will open and you get to the next level by using this door. With basic gameplay and cute graphics, you will find it is so interesting and spend hours playing this game. Let open this game, help Jerry the mouse escape and enjoy his cheese and remember, get away from the cat! Now you can try Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze free online on Web Browser.

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