Pet Crush

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How To Play: Click and hold the mouse to drag pet items and match them

About Pet Crush

Pet Crush

Come to Pet Crush unblocked and you’ll enjoy classic match-3 puzzle levels in a new setting. You can adorable match animals like fox, brown bear, rabbit, lion and more.

The traditional match-3 gameplay is back in Pet Crush for kids and promises to bring you great relaxing moments. Temporarily forget about items like diamonds, flowers, hearts … that you used to play in Candy Crush and come to a series of super cute pet items. You can match at least 3 similar pets to make them disappear on the puzzle board and score points. But there will be dozens of levels from easy to difficult for you to explore, each level will have different requirements. You need to complete those requirements within a certain number of moves to win and unlock the next level. New levels will bring new challenges but the match-3 mechanics will remain the same. So you can approach the game very easily to fully enjoy the super fun puzzle moments on a colorful background.

You can play Pet Crush free online now and prove your puzzle skills. Pet items look quite similar, so you need to look closely to find the right pet and pair them. Each successful match will show you super fun shimmer effects. If you win with fewer moves than the maximum in each stage, you can enjoy a range of unique celebratory effects. Besides, you can collect support items like powerful spirit, eyepiece Ray, magic and more. They will be useful to help you through difficult situations when you play this match 3 puzzle game. So, are you ready to embark on a puzzle adventure with lots of fun pets and a series of creative challenges?

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