Hot Dog Bush

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How To Play: Use your mouse to grill and make the hotdog to sell to the guest and get the money

About Hot Dog Bush

Hot Dog Bush

Hot Dog Bush unblocked will give you an interesting feeling. You will be George W. Bush after he ended his presidency and then he sells hotdog for people in New York City.

In this Hot Dog Bush cooking game, you have to sell your hotdog to your guest while reading what they want. Then, you will try to grill the sausages, put them in the bread, and do the thing follow guest’s requirements. You have to manage to make your guest satisfied by serve them well and do not make them wait for you. The longer they have to wait, the less money they get. Moreover, you need to keep to sausages correctly or it will burn out and you have to throw it away. The game has modes for you to try and levels with the difficulty are increase. You can give it a try and now you can play Hot Dog Bush without flash on Web Browser.

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