99 Balls

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How To Play: Use your mouse to aim and release the shoot

About 99 Balls

99 Balls

99 Balls unblocked is inspired by the classic bubble shooter game. But this is a more fascinating version of the classic shooter game, you can try it and play it for hours without boring.

99 Balls game has the type of puzzle game. In this game, there are many balls, each has one number and your mission is to clear those balls as fast as you can. You can clear this by using the circles to hit those balls as times as its number. You also need to collect circles to make it easier to destroy them faster. And also, remember to gather stars to unlock new weapons. If you can destroy those balls, the higher number will appear in the next level. The difficulty of the game makes it become more interesting. So let try to destroy it and get a high score. Now you can play 99 balls free online on Web Browser.

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