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How To Play: Use WASD or Arrow keys to guide the cell,'s movement, Left mouse to attack

About Yoyowars.io


Yoyowars.io is a new free Agario style iO game. It includes an awesome multiplayer battle of countless people from around the world. Take control of a popular toy equipped with a dangerous weapon and compete against all of the opponents existing on the map. The main aim of you in the upcoming combat is to become the top character. Therefore, you need to gain the highest score as soon as possible.

Play Yoyowars.io unblocked online and you can find a lot of opportunities to eliminate your foes with your own yo-yo. You should always prepare for the most dangerous situations as you have ever done in Zorb.io. Otherwise, you can get troubles even you will be killed. It’s recommended to throw that tool into the target accurately! Try to dodge every hit, stalk the prey, and release your item carefully! If you are a newbie, you can choose to focus on gathering circles and finishing off weaker rivals. Are you willing to conquer every level and gain the biggest equipment? Good luck!

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