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How To Play: Use your mouse to control your snake

About Worms.io


Worms.io is a multiplayer snake io game. Through this game, you will get into a world where you need to try your best to survive and be the winner.

Worms.io game sets you as a snake in a thrilling world. You need to eat the points to get the score and survive to the end of the game. Worms.io is also a multiplayer game so you will play with people all around the world. At the start, you are just a small snake and easy for other snakes to devour you. However, you can lure other snakes to hit their head into your body to make them appear and devour them to get bigger and score. On the contract, if you hit another person, you will lose and the game will be over. Do you think it hears so simple? No, it is a battle and you will need your skill to win the game. So, get bigger and get a high a score as you can and be the winner of the world.

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