Wormate.io 2

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How To Play: Control your worm to eat foods in the arena using the mouse. Click the left mouse to accelerate it.

About Wormate.io 2

Wormate.io 2

Wormate.io 2 is one of the best snake-themed multiplayer io games. You enter the arena as a small worm then you try to eat foods and fruits to be bigger than others.

Play Wormate.io 2 online on browsers to challenge your survival skills

You will fight against other worms controlled by other opponents in the arena. Hence, you need to play with good skills and smart strategies to defeat them. The game is about eating foods to grow. So, you need to eat anything that stands in your way to grow your size.

Make use of your strategies and tactics to fight against other opponent worms in Wormate.io 2 game

The way you play the game is similar to Wormate.io unblocked. So, you can use the strategies and tactics that you use when you play Wormate.io unblocked full screen for this game version. Or, you can develop new ones with better skills.

As you eat foods in the arena, you need to watch out for your head. It is because if you run into the tail or body of other worms, you will be defeated. Then, you will become their foods.

However, you can try to eat other worms when they become foods too. This also helps you grow fast. Try your best to survive in the arena and grow your size so you can reach the top rank on the leaderboard.

Your goal in Wormate.io 2 unblocked is to survive and become the biggest worm in the arena.

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