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How To Play: Write the text or sentences to answer the brief and snap on the emojis to give your answer. And to vote your top pick click on the card.

About Witz.io


Witz io game is the game in which you compete with up to 10 players. The target is to find out the most humor and unique response to the brief to beat the other player. The rule is you vote on the enemies’ answer and they do the same in their turn. Moreover, one special thing is on the third round, you need to find the best appropriate for the most voted answer given in the past two rounds. Finally, vote for the three best answers! And the winner is the one who has the highest scores through 3 rounds.

Witz.io unblocked will allow you to pick up various kinds of animals on the menu, so choose the one which has a ton of emotions. And when you interact with it, it describes clearly your style. In io games multiplayer, if you want to play with only your friends and family, this game enables you to create a private lobby, which remains the same rule and gameplay as normal mode. Witz game is a free strategy game and suitable for you to experience!

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