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How To Play: Use the WASD button system or other buttons such as E, X, C, Shift, Print to perform all operations in the game

About Voxiom.io


Voxiom.io owns the popular multiplayer battle royale gameplay with many new features. Join the game now to enjoy exciting gun battles and become the best player.

You may not know, Voxiom.io unblocked is inspired by the famous Minecraft game with first-person view shooter gameplay. Coming to the game, players will do everything to help their character become the best gunner in each level from building, crafting, and showing off gun skills. Moreover, you can also build buildings to hide or exploit resources on the map if you want to upgrade weapons.

Voxiom.io 3D also offers two different game modes, Battle Royale and Capture the Gems to choose. Both modes have a different way of operating to ensure that you will always enjoy the experience. The impression of this shooting game online is also in the classic pixel image design. There are many things that you have to do in this game, not just fight other opponents in the world.

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