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How To Play: Control the tank by the arrow keyboard and shoot by clicking the left mouse button to kill enemies and help your team to win!

About Tank.io


Tank.io game is a thrilling and exciting game that every player should play once! In this game, you play a role as a tank and take part in a battle. Fighting, shooting, supporting and scarifying for each other and a lot of things to do! Tank.io is the best game for your leisure time. So you should attempt to become the best player and master the game!

Because this game is a Tank.io multiplayer, so you will join a team of five. You can choose your favorite team and click select to start making a team. Then, you can choose your favorite color and shape of the tank. But to choose some special types of tank, you need Tank.io unblocked. In the Battle Troop, you need to wait a little time to wait or other players to make a full team. And after the two teams are full, click connect to begin fighting and battling.

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