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How To Play: Arrow keys or AWSD to move

About Taming.io


Taming.io Unblocked will have the Moomoo.io game style but it still has its uniqueness. This game is so cute and easy to play, so you can rest assured that this is a good game to try.

Taming.io is a survival game and your mission is that create your own village with the help of magic pets. You will get around the area, build the first standard for your village, try to get the high level to unlock new craft and weapons which help you much in building your village. Moreover, you can mine the windmills to get the gold from them. Then, you can tame your pets to make them stronger and maybe evolve in those epic battles. You also need to care about your pets, what their abilities, what their weakness and know the way to train it. So, let try your best to expand your village, tame your pets and become so powerful in that world. Now you can play Taming.io multiplayer online on Web Browser.

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