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How To Play: Hold Left mouse to move and attack, release it to defend and hit

About Sword.io


Sword.io is a web browser multiplayer HTML5 game. In which, you must defend yourself until you win. In other words, your mission is similar to what you did in Battle Royale Fortnite that is to become the last standing man. Sword.io is not only available on desktop but also gettable on mobile platforms. Choose the device you want and embark on an intense match unblocked at school your way!

Play Sword.io free online you do not forget that the main weapon will be scattered across the map. Pick them up to improve your fighting ability. Besides, they are really effective to protect you from every incoming hit. It is necessary for you and other players to learn or master how to release attacks with swords. Note that you can lose more when you holding the left mouse button! Are you ready to enter the playfield and receive valuable rewards? Hope you enjoyed!

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