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How To Play: Use the mouse to move your snake and speed it up using the left mouse button.


In unblocked, you take control of a snake swimming through an arena filled with sushi. If you love to eat sushi, then this sushi party is for you. gameplay is similar to, so you will find it easy to play, but still, you need to have smart strategies and good skills to outplay other players.

You control a small snake when you spawn. Since you are small, you must try to eat as much sushi dispersed in the arena to increase your size. Rather than eating food orbs, now, you will try to eat sushi. Keep eating them until you become a big snake, and this is when you can get ready for a fight. Try your best to protect yourself from the bigger snakes but you can go for the smaller snakes. Eat them all to get your size bigger, but protect yourself from the big snakes, or you will get eaten. The goal for you in online is to become the top-ranked snake on the leaderboard. Have fun with it!

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