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How To Play: Use WASD or arrow keys to direct the movement of your character, use the left mouse to collect resources and craft items.


Play online in full-screen mode for free with a lot of friends from around the world now! In this surviving io game with unique gameplay mechanics and wonderful features, you must try your hardest to survive in the middle of a forest packed with dangers. There are two primary elements you must overcome: cold and hunger. To survive the cold, you have to collect wood and stones then use them to create a campfire that keeps your body warm when the night comes. For hunger, you have no choices but to go eat some berries or some meat from the hunted animals. Other survivors are doing the same task, so it’s unavoidable to come across them during the course of your adventure. When you meet them, quickly destroy them before they have a chance to kill you. Watch out for your surroundings all the time and stay alive for a long enough time to become the winner. Much fun with strategy game!

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