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How To Play: Move your snake through the arena using the mouse. Click the left mouse button to speed it up, use the right mouse button to throw TNT and use Enter to chat.

About unblocked is an io game that merges and together. Both of these games are the popular games played by most players, and now, when they are combined together, you have! Play it now for free on Wormate-io to experience great challenges!

In this title, you play as a small snake making its way through a map to collect lots of Minecraft blocks. The more blocks to collect, the bigger and stronger you will become. Watch your surroundings as you gather these blocks, or other players will attack you and defeat you. To kill them, you have to aim then throw dynamite at them, which blows them up. Protect yourself from their dynamites, or you will be blown up. You can outplay those snakes using your smart strategies with nice tactics. Your goal is to become the biggest snake in the arena! Play game now! Have fun!

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