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How To Play: Control your cube with the mouse, move around to expand your area.

About is a retro io game with 3D for unblocked io game, in which you will probably slide all your slime wherever to mark your area. Enter the field of other slime and paint the area with your color! In this way, you can steal the opponent’s territory, increase your score and eliminate other opponents!

Sprinkle others to get greater and begin painting more when you level up. Pursue the top scorers and cover up their color to have your spot on the leaderboard. Shading as you move, sprinkle others and level up to coloring more! In online, move as fast as you can, but you also need to be careful! unblocked will allow you to change more color and something more! To stand at the top on the leaderboard, you also need to equip some tips and tricks. Firstly, try not to move too far from your color. Move the cube to make a small round, little by little, so you can expand the field with your color! And don’t make a long draw in order not to let the enemies kill you!

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