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How To Play: Guess words and draw by using the keyboard and the mouse.

About is an interesting game inspired by Pictionary. However, you can enjoy it in a cool multiplayer mode. You will not only guess words but also draw if you want to complete your task, earn high scores, and win the round in the first place. Join a room which is full of random players and you should try to make lines or marks related to the item that you select. Act as good as possible so the rest can predict it. While one person is pulling and dragging, others have to figure out the correct answer and type it into the chat window on the right-hand side. If you find the right result, your name will turn green on the leaderboard on the left and you can increase your point in an instant. Each people is allowed to use their pencil 3 times in total and the guy who has the best outcome will win the match. Good luck!

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