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How To Play: Use mouse to control the shark, click the LMB to boost up.


Play game for free as you play a role as a hungry shark try to hunt fish! In this game, take part in a thrilling adventure in the sea. And you are a blood-thirsty shark try to chase the smaller fish.

Moreover, you are hunting people, who having a relaxing time on the water. At the end of the game, there is a number of fish and people you have to hunt! Big fish eats the little one, that is the only rule of online. There are some fishes that bigger than your shark, so be careful! Not only hunt the smaller fishes and people but also run away from the huge fish! unblocked is one of the arcade games and is designed for those who love the sea game, but there are still a lot more for you to discover! And hundred of io games are waiting for you to explore, too!

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