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How To Play: Direct the movement of your sea dragon using the mouse. Click the left mouse button to speed it up.

About unblocked is an ocean io game following the success of You are here for an epic ocean adventure where you must evolve yourself from a small sea dragon to a big sea dragon that dominates the arena. When you enter the ocean, get your skills ready to fight against other sea dragons controlled by other players!

You have to search for lots of food orbs and smaller creatures then quickly eat them all to grow your size. Watch out for bigger creatures because they can eat you. Once you get eaten, the game will be over. You should run away from them using your speed boost feature. But, don’t speed up too much, or your size will be decreased. You’d better watch your surroundings as you move around the ocean. When you become bigger, eat smaller fishes to grow your size faster. The point of the game is to reach the top rank on the leaderboard! Play Sea Dragons io unblocked!

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