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Instructions: Use arrow keys or keys A/D to control the movement of your Piaf. Speed it up using the spacebar and press keys WSP to grab.

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Piaf.io multiplayer game online lets you become a cunning bird (also called Piaf) whose mission is to destroy and eliminate all enemies out of the arena by using a deadly ball. You direct your Piaf around the map spinning the ball around your body to aim then shoot down all players that come in your way. There are plenty of foods dispersed on the map. If you absorb them, you will accumulate more balls, making yourself much stronger. Do not give any players a chance to hit you back with their balls, it will be fine if you can dodge it, but if you cannot, you will take damage, and your Piaf will meet a sticky end. Playing Piaf.io game online requires you to have some good strategies so you can deal with tough opponents more easily and have a higher chance to win. Let’s join it now then see how long you can touch the top!

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