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How To Play: Use WASD or arrow keys to steer and control your ship. Gather "stardust" crystals to strengthen your ship, destroy the asteroids to release more stardust using the spacebar or Shift, and hyperspace away from danger using H.


In a unique 2D io game called unblocked, you will experience an interesting battle set in space. You and other players will compete against each other in space to see who will dominate it. The space arena is full of asteroids with challenges, you must avoid them all if you want to win. online is free to play on Game-io!

You take on the role of a pilot equipped with lots of powerful weapons and your mission is to defeat all enemy pilots with their spaceships before they beat you. Keep your spaceship safe from their attacks and attempt to blow up other asteroids for resources. When you collect a big amount of asteroids, your ship’s size will become bigger and this strengthens your laser cannons. You will unlock some parts of the game after growing the size of your ship. When you encounter ships marked with a “heart” icon, you know that they are friendly. When a ship is marked with a “devil”, it is a hostile ship that you should avoid. Don’t take damage from the hostile ships, or it will be hard for you to survive. You aim to become the most powerful ship in game! Play it for free to show your skills! Have fun!

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