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How To Play: Use WASD or Arrows to move, Space to hop, hold Space to dash or fly, double the move keys to sprint

About is a crazy RPG iO game free for all to engage in, with a lot of power-ups to gather. It has the same creator as In the new competitive battle, you will start off with a little chicken. The challenge is set in a scary factory farm. To avoid the poor life waiting for you ahead, you must escape from the machine. It can crush everything in a wink. Try to evade that place and survive as long as possible! introduces a horror competition of online players from around the world. After getting stuck in a cage and being launched by a conveyor belt, you are forced to deal with every dangerous situation including bumps of the rival. Because the dish is too small, everybody will have to eliminate each other to increase the survival ability of their own. You can use skills available in the unblocked match to keep you safe until the end. Eat corn to restore your health, too! Good luck!

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