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How To Play: Move the character on the map using WASD Attack with LMB combo, switch to auto attack by clicking E

About multiplayer is a fun adventure to test your survival. You have to gather resources and weapons, build your base and fend off zombies or even other players.

This is not an experience for the weak because it requires survival skills. When you play free online, your mission is to try to survive as long as possible. You can do anything from gathering resources, crafting weapons, looting from others… as long as you survive. Do you feel angry with that but the law of survival is indisputable. Everyone has the same chance in this zombie survival MMO game. So, make good use of your surroundings and don’t be shy in front of anyone. This is an endless survival experience, meaning it won’t stop until you die. Therefore, if you know how to survive, you can become the ruler of this online map.

Each player will have strategies to play io games free online. However, every strategy around you building a base and revolves around it against the onslaught of zombies and other players. You cannot stand still or hide somewhere because your enemies are getting stronger and stronger. So, take advantage of the peaceful time to find and exploit resources, make weapons, fortresses, traps … to upgrade your defense and combat capabilities. Everything in the game looks pretty small from the top-down third-person perspective. However, they are very detailed and colorful, making your experience always full of energy. That’s the difference between this game and other survival io games series you’ve played. But it will be an exciting place for you to set new records on the global leaderboard.

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