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How To Play: Use left mouse to attack and right mouse to speed up.

About MineStrike.fun


MineStrike.fun game is another exciting IO game that combines EvoWars.io and Minecraft. And it is perfectly a funny game for you, with a cute character, simple rules and controls! You are taking part in a battle, fighting each other, eat sweets to raise your level and kill other opponents!

Play MineStrike.fun free online with a smart strategy to win and become the first ranker in the ranking list. When you are at the weakest level, try to eat cakes, cookies, cooked fishes to grow your size and raise your strength. Stay away from poisonous potatoes because it will cause your character to reduce in size and become weaker. And your ranking decreases, too!

Another way to kill your enemies the most effective way is to attack them from the left. Your sword move from left to right, so it easy to kill them real quick! MineStrike.fun will definitely bring you a joyful time with friends!

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