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How To Play: Controls: Mouse to move. Click to attack your enemies. Right-mouse button to sprint and escape from dangerous enemies! But be careful, it cost your XP.

About Minesmashers.club


Minesmashers.club is an exciting and no-fee Minecraft game and for those who like the classic games. Evolve, become stronger, compete and fight to become the winner!

In the first, you are a pig with a hammer. There are a lot of kinds of animals in Minecraft shape. The more level you achieve, the wider range of animals you can choose! And each character is a level that you must reach in Minesmashers.club unblocked.

Your enemies are very rampage, so be careful. In the beginning, you are very weak. So just attack the opponent of the same size as you and stay away from the big one. If you are unfortunate and face up the big and strong one, use boost-up speed to escape. Eat food to recover your XP right after that.

Minesmashers.club is a multiplayer game, so that you can invite your friends to play! There are hundreds of io games here waiting for you, so come and play right away!

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