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How To Play: The mouse is used for interacting with the chess pieces in the game. Zoom in/out using the mouse wheel scroll or +/-. To pan, using the arrow keys or mouse, and open the menu using Esc.

About unblocked is a strategy io game where players have to use their turns smartly and their good strategies to defeat one another. online takes inspiration from the classic Chess game. Now, with this title, you can compete against opponents from around the world. This is a chance for you to prove your skills!

Although gameplay is easy to understand, you still need to have smart tactics and strategies if you want to beat others. You belong to a team, either the black team or the white team. The pieces you own will get a random color, which helps distinguish you and other players. When the game begins, you must interact with a piece that you want to move and try to move it carefully. When you take your turn, you will have moves to spare. Pay attention to the highlighted tile to move or click anywhere to deselect it. Watch your scores too! You have to grow your scores if you want to win. You will obtain 100 points and 100 for the piece once you have captured the King, 50 points for the Queens, 25 points for the Bishops, 30 points for the Rooks, 20 for the Knights, and 10 for the pawns. Play game! Have fun!

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