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Master Baiter

Instructions: Use WASD to navigate, LMB to throw the fishing rod, G to drop the fish, B to open the shop

Master Baiter about:

Master Baiter

Master Baiter is a fascinating multilayer fishing iO game. It’s easy for you to test your abilities while playing against other people online! The main aim is to catch the most valuable fishes or other big ocean creatures.

Before being a Master Baiter in the current free for all challenge, you should complete the target and earn the most money. Can you search for and gather the biggest? It’s not difficult to cast the rod. Just move to the position you like and throw it. Remember to click again to recall that tool! You are also able to check what you can collect. You may want to make use of your experience to finish your job within Master Baiter unblocked. Are you willing to embark on the new tour and turn into the best player? There are plenty of levels and upgrades as in Gats.io waiting for you to unlock. You can chat to exchange your skills to somebody in the room. Good luck!

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