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How To Play: Use the WASD buttons or the arrow button system to make moves, move to observe things around more easily

About unblocked is a series of different levels with many challenges for everyone. You will have to transform into a pea, try to finish first to win the final victory.

Like other multiplayer battle royale games, play online, player will come to an endless competition. Here, many different challenges and obstacles are waiting for you as well as all the other contestants. Everyone’s starting point is the same, so you will do your best to be the first person to finish.

All you need to do in free game is to overcome obstacles, escape the trap system and not let the character fall into the void. If you fall into the void, you will return to the starting line and have to start everything from the beginning. Remember that LOLBeans io is developed similar to other io games on the market today, so it will be chaotic. Don’t pay too much attention to the competitors, you just need to stay focused yourself.

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