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How To Play: Use the mouse to control your snake and click the left mouse to speed it up.


If you want to know a snake io game that is as addicting as, then unblocked will be an ideal choice for you. Little Big Snake io game not only provides you with epic matches between online players, but it also brings you a wide range of features, quests, rewards, and many achievements to unlock. You will jump into a huge arena then swim through it to hunt down foods. You must devour them as much as you can to grow your body. When you are fully ready, you can jump into a conflict to battle it out against all enemies and try to kill them all. There are many ways to kill the rivals: encircling them with your big body, speeding up to bypass them and cutting them off, blocking their exit, etc. Pick the one you want to try and make sure you succeed in eliminating the rivals. As you grow, you will be also close to the top spot on the leaderboard! Are you ready? Play Little Big Snake for free online now!

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