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How To Play: Use the mouse for controlling your character through the map to grow the territory.

About Hexa.io


Come play Hexa.io game with new players! Your mission is to build the largest hexagon territory as you attempt to beat other players for victory.

There are plenty of io games like Hexa.io that you may have played before, for instance, Paper.io 2, Six.io, etc. Why don’t you give this title a try then see how you conquer your opponents? The game brings the same gameplay mechanic as others but much more fun. You move through the map taking the lands of other players then quickly defeat all of them. Although your territory is small when you start the match, it will grow over time as you take more lands. Watch your surroundings as well as cut the tails of others while protecting yours. Besides a solo match, you can play with others as a team to vanquish the Hexa world. Expand your territory and work your way to the top rank on the leaderboard! Have fun with Hexa.io online!

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