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Instructions: Use the mouse cursor to direct, Left mouse or Space to slash, Right mouse or W to speed up

Goons.io about:


Goons.io is a great strategy game unblocked. It is a brand new io title developed by Clown Games. In the next competition, you need to slash all of the opponents nearby to earn higher ranks. The main aim is to become the best player, who owns the top score.

After choosing the available skin, you can enter the playfield of Goons.io and play online with no ads. Not only that, you will have the chance to make your sword longer when you gather free colorful blobs. They are distributed across the map and easy to collect. Consume them and you will be able to defeat more rivals or prevent deadly attacks in Goons.io betters. If you do not want to escape from traps or chase someone on the path, you can switch on the boost ability. You will speed up and achieve the goal faster. But, you should use your resource promptly. Have fun!

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