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How To Play: Move your character with the mouse, click the left mouse to fire, use the right mouse to dash.


Fightz io unblocked game turns you into a cunning fighter who must eliminate all other players online out of the arena for a chance of winning. game does not only pits you against real human players, but it also makes you cope with wild monsters and animals roaming the arena, making the battle much more challenging. You have no choices but to use your ranged weapon wisely to finish off those monsters, such as scorpions, rats, fierce dragons, pigs, and also, try to finish off other players. When you accumulate kills, you gather crystals too, and they will help you level up as well as improve your weapon with appearance. Remember to speed up, avoid the contact with other players if you are weaker than them, or else you will be defeated. Stay alive long enough until you rule the leaderboard! Much fun with Fightz RPG survival io game!

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