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How To Play: Move your ducklings around the map in the game using the mouse, arrow keys, or the joypad.

About Ducklings


Ducklings is a crowd-building io game. There are some io games with this gameplay mechanics released before, and with unblocked, you will have a new experience as well as a chance to prove your skills. It’s all about ducklings fighting one another in a pond-like arena. You are a lead duckling making your way through the arena trying to collect ducklings that are dispersed around. The more ducklings you collect, the bigger the crowd you can build.

As you move around the arena, you must watch out for other obstacles like boats, and even enemies. Don’t touch or come in contact with them, or you will take damage. Protect your crowd from the crowds that are bigger than you. Don’t forget to leave your nest in the pond protected either! You need to bring all the ducklings back to the nest safely. The goal in Ducklings game is to reach the top rank on the leaderboard! Have fun!

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