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How To Play: Use the mouse to direct the movement of your dinosaur around the map in the game.

About DinoRoyale.io


DinoRoyale.io unblocked places you in a huge dino arena where you will compete against enemies in a tough fast-paced battle. DinoRoyale.io free online is the same as other Battle Royale games in terms of gameplay and game objective. The different thing is that rather than playing as a mere human, now, you become a huge dinosaur that is able to wander around the map to battle against other enemy dinosaurs. The only way to defeat them all is to devour them, but before you eat, make sure you are stronger than them already. When you spawn in the map, you have to go collect as many fruits scattered on the ground as possible. By collecting them, you will power up your dinosaur, making him much more powerful. Be sure to dodge the enemies that are tougher than you, otherwise, you will get defeated. Can you survive and become the king of dinosaurs in DinoRoyale.io classic game?

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