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How To Play: Use WASD or arrow keys for controlling your tank. Use the spacebar or the mouse to fire.

About DatTank.IO


DatTank.IO is a web-browser tank team-based game in which you have to create your own tank and jump into a tough battle set in a massive arena. You will compete against multiple players from across the world. When the fight is kicked off, you move your tank around the map and try to work with your teammates to eliminate as many rival tanks as possible to grow your score. Gradually, you will get closer to the top spot on the leaderboard and eventually take over it, which is your main goal in the game. Just ensure that you defend your tank from soaking massive damage dished out by the opponents, or else you will end up getting destroyed. Don’t forget to gather more health packs and ammo packs to recover your health if you soak damage, and you will be strong enough for the next encounter. You must bring victory to your team! Good luck to you!

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