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Instructions: Use the mouse to move your animal, Q-W-E keys to choose abilities

Creatur.io about:


Creatur.io is a cool multiplayer HTML5 online game. Start off with the weakest and smallest creature. Before you climb up to the highest position of the ranking, you should become the strongest animal in the arena. To grow bigger, you do not skip food. It is easy to find the resource which is scattered across the map. Pick pieces up and consume to increase your mass. They will boost up your XP and help you unlock the next level sooner. It is a great chance for players in Creatur.io 3D to evolve and obtain special abilities. For example, you will be able to speed up or lunge without difficulty.

Once you transform when playing Creatur.io, you do not forget to remove rivals. Especially, chase and eat the prey from behind. However, you must still evade predators for survival. Run away from everybody dangerous in the proper way or you will be bitten! Experience the match and remember to engage in other interesting Io games unblocked!

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