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Bullet Town

Instructions: Use WASD keys to walk around the village, LMB to shoot, RMB to gather or drop objects

Bullet Town about:

Bullet Town

Bullet Town is a free online 2d shooter iO game set in a dark place. It is also a dangerous arena where every villager will fight against each other to choose the new Mayor. Enter the nearest region that you come from and hop into that intense multiplayer match with a pistol.

To achieve the goal in Bullet Town, you need to survive and rob enough $3000 as soon as possible. Because it is a crazy battlefield, you can meet up with your enemies whenever while you are walking around. Do not let anybody shoot at you or you will die immediately! But, you must dodge and cover for survival. Aside from the starting weapon in Bullet Town unblocked, you can pick up power-ups and play their effects easily. With the support of these extra abilities as in Donkey Kong’s Hammer and various armament types, it’s fast to climb up to the top spot. Are you willing to experience quick rounds and take over the rankings? Good luck!

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