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How To Play: Control your Emoji with the mouse. Click left mouse button to release bombs, and use the right mouse to speed up.

About game has awesome challenges and a wonderful gameplay that will get you addicted to it. In this classic power-ups game, you become an Emoji that has to roam the map to collect as many Jewels as possible while trying to dodge Meanies and other evil players. You can kill them all by planting your bombs nearby them. With a lot of Jewels gathered, your bombs will get stronger. There are lots of dangers spreading over the map. To get past all of them, you should speed up your Emoji. Also, boosting your speed can even help you escape the dangerous enemies. Sometimes you may find the fabled “Poo Hat”! Once putting it on, you are able to scare Meanies away when you are close to them. Be sure to protect your Emoji all the time, increase your score and climb your way up the leaderboard to build your dominance! Have fun!

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